I am a GOLDEN Artist Educator!!!


It All Started with the Application

Back in February, I came across a link to apply for the GOLDEN Artist Educator Program.  This seemed like a no-brainer on my part because I absolutely love GOLDEN Artist Colors.  I have used the line almost exclusively since discovering them in 2011.  I promote them in my workshops and often say to my students “Invest in yourself as an artist and buy the paints that will support the quality of the work you want to be creating.”  I must say as I filled out the application it felt a bit daunting and I wasn’t sure if I would make the cut.  But, I pushed fear to the back seat and I sent it out into the Universe with a prayer of gratitude for showing me the link and got to work in my studio.

The very end of June, I received an email from Kevin Greeland congratulating me and informing me that I had made the cut.  There were 20 of us heading to New Orleans for a week of training the first week of October.   I was jumping for joy!!!  And having a hint about the products we would be receiving as part of the program had me GOLDEN giddy!!

The first view in the training room made me feel like Charlie must have felt walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for the first time.

We met for a reception on the first evening in New Orleans at our beautiful hotel in the heart of the French Quarter.  For me; however, the first real impact of what we were about to experience was upon entering the training room and seeing the volume of GOLDEN products for the first time that we would be using in the week to come.

We hit the floor running on the training after meeting our incredible GOLDEN training staff: Kevin Greeland, Golden Artist Colors, Inc.’s Education Coordinator (who sent us our notification emails), was our instructor for the week; along with Samantha Williams-Chapelsky, Valerie Allen, and Kevin Tobin who were his GOLDEN Working Artists assistants.  GOLDEN 5 We had a large box of boards by our seats, tools and water buckets were placed on the tables, and our own aprons draped on the back of our chairs.

Over the week, working at an incredible pace we learned so many amazing process and uses for the GOLDEN paints and mediums I fell in love with them even more.  And…we painted a lot of PEARS!!

In the evening, GOLDEN wined and dined us and made us all feel so incredibly blessed to be in the group selected to learn how to educate others about the products.

The training was intense and fun.  And we were forming great friendships with our fellow trainees.  Artists from all over the continents from Santiago Chile to every providence in Canada, and United states.  To be among such talented and diverse artists was inspiring.

GOLDEN knows how to do it right!!

GOLDEN 7The whole week was full of fun, inspiration, wonderful cuisine and music.  We were entertained, trained, and satiated in true

Bon Bon Vivant Performing just for us.  What a Treat!!  Check them out: http://www.bbvband.com/videos.php

New Orleans Style!  Including one evening with our own private concert by the amazing jazz band called Bon Bon Vivant!

The week included also a number of amazing meals including one at the historical treat, Antoine’s – one of the oldest restaurants in New Orleans and still owned by the originating family.  The flaming Baked Alaska was a show stopper.


One day was a half day, and we got to explore New Orleans on our own, which for many of us started at Cafe Du Monde for some Beignets (a NOLA must have), GOLDEN 8 then we all returned to the hotel for dinner and our private jazz show!  Our last evening we had a relaxing and wonderful journey down the Mississippi on the Natchez Steamboat for a dinner cruise and more jazz. IMG-8283

None of us truly wanted the week of magic to end but were also excited to get home and get to work in our studios.

We got to divide among the artist trainees all of the remaining Golden products we used in the training.

My bounty of GOLDEN products that I got to take home with me!!  More is being shipped later!

And now that I have passed my final test once I got home, I can say I am a certified GOLDEN Artist Educator.Golden Artist Educators Logo_blk

What that means for all of you is that I can teach you all about these amazing products in workshops that will will be forthcoming to you very soon so stay tuned.  Here’s a few I have in mind as starters:

  • Monoprinting with QoR Watercolors
  • Image Transfer on Canvas
  • Painting on Pastel Ground & PlexiGlass
  • Can you say Micaceous Iron Oxide??


I can’t wait to get started!


Author: dkmagarts

Full time creative, multi disciplined artist. I love working in a myriad of mediums to tell stories of the human experience in a colorful and whimsical way. I want to teach you how to live a fully expressed creative life. Here I will share my art, offer classes and workshops and blog about being an artist.

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