2018 & Technicalities

cropped-20161102_192349-1.jpgGoals are set for the year!  I always start out with a long list of things I plan to accomplish each year, and get going with a bluster of excitement.  One of the top runners on my goal list this year is a new website and getting on top of my blogging.  I am giving WordPress a try as a format for my site.  I am sure I am going to have to upgrade the level that lets me customize my site a bit more, but this will due for now.  More of the techie stuff will come later.  Yikes!! and HELP!!

I generally can find my way around this stuff and muddle through some basic design elements, but I want my site to be colorful with some whimsical-wowza.  I want it to say “I am an artist who has fun creating”.  Thank goodness my kids are pretty savvy.  Heck my grandchildren are more savvy than me and they are only 3 years old.  If I wait a couple years, they will have this “formatting a template site” stuff down.  I think it’s taught in Kindergarten now.  No cursive handwriting for that generation, but binary code…sure!

I appreciate your patients with the site, while I get it into tip top shape.  Please come back often to see my progress.  I can’t hold out until my grandchildren can help me, so onward I trudge.